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The BlindScooterGuy Christopher Venter,
motivational and inspirational speaker.

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Motivational and Inspirational Speaking Bookings

To book the Blind Scooter Guy for your event as a Keynote Speaker, simply select the speech of your choice from the menu below and get in touch.

All presentations follow a storytelling style with a good dash of humour. Christopher has a unique way of connecting with the audience. Listeners will feel inspired, educated, entertained and motivated.

Presentations can be tailored to meet specific goals, or impart specific messages that you wish share with the audience. Christopher’s presentations are suitable for all functions, from formal corporate events to more light-hearted celebratory dinners and awards evenings. Christopher can also set the tone as MC at your event.
Christopher’s mantra is “In an accessible world, a #BlindManCan do anything that a sighted person is able to.”

The speech topics available include the following:

  1. Unseen Adventures:
    In this motivational keynote presentation, Christopher shares his inspirational personal journey. Entertaining tales of his daring adventures entertain the audience as he imparts how he has overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable. This presentation is delivered in 45 minutes to 1 hour
  2. Seeing The Sightless:
    This presentation will educate the audience about accessibility. The concept of accessibility helps us to design products, services or environments with the disabled in mind. This presentation will educate the audience on ways to make their business and personal interactions with disabled people more accessible. A special emphasis is placed on creating accessible platforms and experiences for the visually impaired. This presentation is delivered in 30 to 45 minutes
  3. Who’s Your Hero?:
    This entertaining and motivational talk weaves stories about the exploits of inspirational sightless adventurers and achievers. The presentation showcases heroism and unseen potential of ordinary people. This presentation is delivered in 30 to 45 minutes
  4. My Four Senses:
    Christopher will artfully immerse his audience into the world as experienced by a visually impaired person in this presentation. Through descriptive and emotive personal storytelling, Christopher will educate the audience about how he survives and thrives as a blind man. This presentation is delivered in 30 to 45 minutes
  5. Focus and Trust:
    Christopher’s unique experiences as a blind man have taught him the importance of focus and trust in his day-to-day tasks. This has impacted his life in profound ways. In this enlightening talk, Chris shares how focus and trust are 2 of the key elements to the success of visually impaired people and how this can benefit businesses. This presentation is delivered in 30 to 45 minutes

For a costing, please email [email protected] indicating details of the event, location, group size, etc. Presentations can be combined or customised. Please note that all bookings will require acceptance of a standard speaker’s agreement and be subject to a 50 percent deposit to confirm and reserve the date. Balance is due on or before the day of the assignment.