Sign language is for deaf people, not the blind.

The hardest thing for a blind person is when they are not communicated with properly. Words become so important as we can not see facial expressions and have no way of reading body language.
Speak clearly and make decisions in a way that we can easily understand. Never leave things unfinished as they are just a torture to us. We have so many things to remember at any time and our onboard ram is limited. We do not have the ability to jot things down and make lists, or simply see something in the room later that will remind us. It is a huge relief when quick and clear choices are made and stuck to.
The same applies to lack of talking. We are forced to be alone a lot of the time anyway and long for interaction. Holding this back is nothing but torture.
Speak loudly so we get the words you are saying and do not have to ask you to repeat, we are blind and can not read lips.

  1. Chris, it’s Jon Taylor (from Bordeaux Primary) send me your email address – would like to get in touch…

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