5 things I have learnt since losing my sight

The 5 most valuable lessons I have learnt since losing my sight:
1. Listen
2. Trust
3. Patience
4. Focus
5. Appreciate what you have

Thank-you to all my true friends for being there for me, showing your love, your support and your true colours through this tough time in my life. I am healthy and well now but unfortunately I am blind. The doctors say that there is nothing they can do about my sight at this stage. The best hope for me will be some sort of technological breakthrough – bring on the bionic eye – so I can ride my scooter again.

None-the-less, in under a month’s time, I will marry the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Perhaps my life will be different from what I expected and the road that I now need to follow will be an alternate one to that what I thought. All I that know is that as long as Tamlyn​ is at my side and loves me, I will be strong and happy and my world will be wonderful.

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